This company, Ankara-Based, operates on many issues in the electricity sector, has
been producing and selling low, medium and high voltage line and power transmission
lines, hardware, work safety materials, and hand tools and operating in all regions of
Turkey since 2009.
We always work for superior quality results and develop our skills, abilities, capacity
and also our well-established business relationships.
Changing demands and expectations of increased levels of consciousness necessiates
the continuous development and improvement of products and services offered. Our
company provides a unique service understanding with this consciousness and the use
of current technology, the industry expertise in the business experience, combining
the solutions that gives a exact answer to the customers.
Dogan electricity group evaluates all demands and expectations in a professional manner with intense experience and expert view of the subject; It seeks to increase customer satisfaction with an innovative approach. As a result, it has become a recognized
company in a short time.
This company has been planning to include the whole Turkey in terms of service by
fast, high quality, reliable, universal standards and specializes in the service approach.
By continuously improving the achieved success in the sector in order to become a
larger company with confident steps in the direction of electricity, dynamic and competent staff entrepreneurs, discreet, customer-oriented approach has ensured customer
Being aware of the changing needs of our customers, we design and offer products
and services that make them different and give them some advantages by our flexible
structure, pioneering and creative solutions. We offer products that will promote the
creativity of our customers and free selection possibilities.