ESM is providing comprehensive solutions to Electrical Line Maintenance Teams and  Special Construction Projects. Our motto is to provide best quality for minimum price but "Safety First".

Our production base is Turkey and our manufacturing & design network includes business partners from Germany, Italy and Spain.

Dear Customers & Business Partners

While most of the industries concentrate on Industry 4.0, there are heroes behind the curtain, making the construction works, providing the energy transfer and connectivity under very hard conditions and high risks. ESM will always be closely supporting these heroes with the most suitable and safe equipment. Our budget friendly approach will enable the project directors to fully equip their teams without compromising any required items  or quality.

Life at the field is hard. Factors like technology, climate, geography are constantly changing. Any “slow to adapt” equipment producer, is likely to fail in servicing the needs of the users. ESM, at the core of its production hub Turkey, is always at the field with the customers, developing products and solutions. Current energy lines are estimated around 70 000 Kms at Turkey (Can travel two times around the world). Huge coastlines, vast sunny plains, mountainous areas  with hard passes at up to 3000-4 000 meters with four different seasons/climates are serviced. Along with offline, now “Live Maintenance” also started at Turkey after long years of preparation and equipment design wit European engineers. ESM is one of the pioneer producers to develop solutions for this field.

Another important area of expertise in Turkey is Construction. As a large developing country Turkey itself has been constructing tunnels, metros, long bridges, dams and highways. After 1990s Turkish companies started to take over huge construction projects all over the world from Russia, Central Asia to Africa. Eventually by servicing many many different projects, our “Work Safety Products and Work Clothing” sectors developed extensively. As a member of EU Trade Union and EU Development Partner, Turkish working regulations are adapted to EU norms. ESM is providing solutions and products according to these top level expectations.

Quality requires many capabilities. As a premium textile and metalworks producer and major constructor, Turkish equipment provider companies, produce excellent craftsmanship for specific needs. However premium shoe soles for our products are procured from Germany, where the material technology and laboratory control standards are very sophisticated. The heavy duty/durable leather is very different than ordinary textile leather and comes from our procurers in Spain. In the end we are proud to offer Rockwell Shoes as a complete European Hi-Tech work safety product line.

We consider our customers as our main partners in business. Please always feel free to require developments from us for your exact needs so that our superior engineering and flexible production capabilities will help you as much as possible at your hard projects. We clearly know that, you build and maintain the basis on which the modern world operates. We will work together towards a brighter future.

Dr. N. Berkay Denge


Dr. N. Berkay Denge – CEO

Dr. Denge is an Industrial Engineer. He worked for several years at Siemens Group and later on founded his own business initiatives. He has been partners with a world leader German construction technology company since 2009.

Murat Ünal – CTO
Mr. Ünal is a Physics Engineer with an additional diploma on Industrial Electronics. He has been managing R&D, manufacturing and procurement projects at electric and electronic fields since 2003. He is expert at technical procurement.